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Wedding Guests: What You Should Know About Choosing An Outfit

By Rae Steinbach


Here’s What Guests Should Know Before Choosing an Outfit for a Wedding

Are you attending a wedding in the near future? If so, you want to be sure you’re dressed appropriately for the event. That means understanding certain fashion rules, like knowing when to wear a pair of women’s boots and when to wear high heels. Although the specific dress code of a wedding will vary on a case-by-case basis, the following tips will help you make the right impression on everyone in attendance.

Avoid White

The bride is going to be wearing white, so anyone showing up in the same color will simply look as though they are trying to upstage her. Don’t make this mistake! There’s a reason it’s one of the most well-known wedding etiquette rules. It’s also a good idea to avoid wearing anything so extravagant that it draws excessive attention away from the bride. You can look great without looking like you’re trying to make the day about you.

…And Black

Black attire is also relatively frowned upon at weddings. Although there are some instances in which a festive design can make a black dress work, too often, this type of clothing reminds people of funeral attire.

Keep It Classy

Wedding attire shouldn’t be too revealing either. After all, there are likely going to be children in attendance. Something that shows a little too much skin may not be appropriate for the occasion.

Bring Flats

Wearing heels to a wedding is fairly common for women. However, it’s also a good idea to bring along a stylish pair of flats. Spending a lot of time on your feet in heels can get pretty uncomfortable if the wedding runs long.


Weddings can be expensive, not just for the ones throwing them, but also for those attending them. It may not be financially practical to buy a completely new outfit for every wedding you’re invited to. However, with a collection of unique accessories, you can make one of your current outfits look new enough to work for several weddings.

Embrace Color When Appropriate

Summer weddings are often ideal for colorful outfits. If you’re attending one this time of year, go ahead and have a little fun with your choices, as long as the dress code doesn’t request otherwise.

Make an Effort

Most importantly, make sure you’re treating the event with the dignity it deserves. A wedding is one of the most important days in someone’s life. Showing up in excessively casual attire definitely sends the wrong message to your loved ones.

Again, dressing right is part of being a courteous wedding guest. It also doesn’t need to be difficult. Follow these points, and you’ll easily and affordably dress well.


About The Author:

Rae is a graduate of Tufts University with a combined International Relations and Chinese degree. After spending time living and working abroad in China, she returned to NYC to pursue her career and continue curating quality content. Rae is passionate about travel, food, and writing (of course).


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A Grand Bachelorette Party: Hire Best Limo Service


Is your best friend getting married? You must have been very busy with all the arrangements and making her wedding party big. Well, throwing a grand bachelorette party for your friend is also a significant part of all these wedding arrangements. Now, you can make this bachelorette party night eventful and memorable by hiring a luxury limo service, in which you and your friend-to-be-married both can enjoy hard together along with other close friends. Here is a list of a few persuasive reasons why hiring such a luxury car service will make the party grand and successful.


No need to worry about driving

When all you ladies are planning for an eventful and fun-filled night, deciding who is going to be the designated driver for the night can become a real headache. Also, if you are planning to keep arrangements for drinking alcohol, drinking and then driving are merely out of the question. In such a scenario, hiring a luxury car service seems a lot better option as a professional chauffeur will be responsible for driving you all around.

Excellent amenities

A limo car is not only spacious but also equipped with excellent amenities like an impressive stereo system, LCD screens for the entertainment, air conditioning, cozy couches of J style along with the facilities of a full bar and multicolored lights. Your girls’ group can comfortably travel from one party place to another not worrying much about privacy. Also, after partying hard all night, reaching home will not be an issue as the professional driver will be responsible for driving you all to the destination. Thus, hiring a limo service for the bachelorette night party will be a great idea.



You may wonder how hiring a luxury car is more cost-efficient than hiring a regular taxi service or renting a car! Well, suppose there are 7 or 8 girls in your group. Now, hiring one taxi or renting one car is not possible, as it cannot accommodate all of you. Whereas, a limo can accommodate six to ten people comfortably.

Moreover, suppose you have planned to visit multiple places to party. Now, to travel from one place to another, you need to book a taxi or rent a car every time. With the professional luxury car service, you will not have to face that issue. Also, hiring a limo will make sure you do not have to pay for parking fees at different places. The total cost for hiring the luxury car will include everything.

Experience class and elegance

Riding a luxury limo car is about maintaining the style and class. You can let your friend feel like a queen on her official last day as a single lady! The unique class and elegance added by such a luxury limo car will let you feel special and give you an experience of the lifetime.

Hiring the limo car service in big events like the wedding is much ordinary nowadays. However, other than the big wedding, this limo service can be employed for events like this bachelorette party or birthday party, prom nights, corporate events, etc. as well.


  • Jill White | Blogger


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Say “Yes” To A Wedding Album? 6 Reasons Why You Should.

Professional wedding albums are more popular than ever for good reason.

At Altar Albums, we believe every couple deserves a proper wedding album. With over a decade of providing professional albums for couples and photographers — let Altar Albums share a few important the reasons why:


A professional wedding album is not a photo book:

Will it cost more? Yes.

Will it last longer? Yes.

Will it look and feel better? YES.

Our popular video below provides a quick comparison to help to distinguish the important differences between a real professional photo album and a traditional, inexpensive photo book.



It’s Never Too Late:

Wedding photography can be expensive. Sometimes adding a wedding album to the photographer’s package isn’t financially possible at the time of the event. However, one positive to digital technology is that you can revisit making an album whenever it’s convenient for you.

The Best Way to Share the Story of the Day: 

When presented in an album, wedding day images tell the story of the day. An album also serves as an excellent document of the faces and personalities that participated in this important family event in a way that files stuck on a computer cannot. An album is more than just a collection of photos. It’s a family ancestry heirloom.

Printed Images Look Better:

Tablets and phones are a fine way to enjoy everyday images. However, wedding images yearn to be printed, tangible, touched. Professional photographic paper presents images in a gorgeous way that makes sharing meaningful. There’s warmth and depth to printed images that cannot be compared to any other way of viewing.

flush mount-open


Images on a Disk/USB/Cloud Are Not Convenient To Share:

These are convenient repositories, a fine way to store the images. What they are not is an easy way to share your wedding images with family and friends. Also, as everyone has experienced, much like the disappearing sock in the dryer, digital images have a way of mysteriously vanishing over the years.

Altar Makes it Easy and Affordable:

You don’t need a photographer or a designer to create a great wedding album. You just need the high-resolution version of your images. These days, hi-res images are typically included in the photographer’s package.

With Altar Album’s software, anyone can design a professional looking album with confidence and ease. Our software provides 200+ elegant pre-made designs. Our unique software has been popular with couples for over five years. If you are able to drag/drop your images — you can make an amazing album that is constructed to last for generations. Our customers tell say this best!

If you’ve yet to make an album of your wedding day, I encourage you to consider it. They make the ideal anniversary or holiday gift.

If you know a friend or family member with wedding images filed away and forgotten, please share these thoughts with them. Everyone deserves a beautiful wedding album that will last a lifetime.

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The Perfect Wedding Toast: A Beginner’s Guide

Intro Wedding Toasts 101

When your friend bestows the honor of the wedding toast upon you, it should spark feelings of respect and accomplishment. However, most people feel a deep sense of dread at the notion of getting up in front of a large gathering during a lifetime event and giving the couple their send-off. Public speaking is a common fear, and when you add the fact that this is the event that ties two lives together, it’s only natural to be a little scared.

A million fears and questions can play out through your mind. Will you forget your speech halfway through? Will your palms start sweating? Will you shake so badly that your words come out in staggered bursts? Will you mumble? How much eye contact is enough? How should you move around? How do you gesture? Should you speak quickly or slowly? Are jokes okay? How sentimental is too sentimental? How long should this speech even be?

But fear not; the perfect wedding toast is just a few tips away. Before getting into that, what does a wedding toast entail? A wedding toast is given generally before the meal to commemorate the marriage, offer some personal backstory and wish the couple well. That means that your speech should cover these three points. It’ll be less intimidating to think of the speech in increments rather than worrying about the whole package.

Start off by thinking of what you want to talk about. Don’t worry about the actual performance yet. Think about what stories you would like to share. This research period will probably take you a few days. If you rush this part, you’re going to have a weak speech to deliver come wedding day. Instead, give yourself a little time to remember how you all met, anything in their relationship that stands out, any words of wisdom you can impart and your overall sentiment towards the couple. Above all, your words must be genuine. If you fall into trite verse or make the speech impersonal, you’re going to leave your friends with a sour taste. Always keep in mind that this is an event that often comes once a lifetime, and you don’t want to butcher it by not making the right time investment in your speech.
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Quiet A Bride’s Greatest Wedding Day Fears

Your wedding day is meant to be one of the happiest days of your life. It’s portrayed as a fairytale-like dream come true, celebrating the love you and your partner share with your closest friends and family. But beyond all the happiness and joy of the day is a great deal of stress and fear. The pressure of knowing you are the center of attention and everyone is there to witness you tie the knot can be terrifying and cause a bride to become scared on what’s supposed to be a joyous occasion. There are several common fears that many brides experience but don’t worry – take a deep breath and everything will be okay.

You Won’t Look Perfect

As you walk down the aisle, every single person will be looking at you. You’ve spent ages carefully selecting the perfect dress, shoes, hairstyle and makeup look for your big day. Not looking absolutely perfect on your wedding day is without a doubt one of the most common bridal fears. What if your dress and shoes don’t fit how they’re supposed to? Or what if you’re having a bad hair day and your hairstylist can’t achieve the look you had your heart set on? Or – worst of all – what if you wake up with a huge zit on your face? These are all huge concerns for every bride-to-be and, thankfully, the likelihood of any of these things happening is very low. Prepare for your wedding by trying on your dress and shoes beforehand and holding a hair and makeup trial run. By not waiting until the day of to do these things you will be able to alleviate some of the worries you’ll have of not looking perfect on your big day. And if you do happen to wake up with a pimple or dark eye circles, your makeup artist should be able to cover it up expertly.



People Won’t Show Up

Another extremely common fear for brides is that people (both guests and vendors) aren’t going to show up. If guests RSVPed yes and didn’t show up, you would feel sad and embarrassed that people didn’t feel the need to attend your wedding. If your vendors didn’t show up, it would ruin the entire day. Although it’s possible that some of your guests may not show up, remember that the people who you chose to invite to your wedding are people who love you and would want nothing more than to be able to celebrate with you. To help give your guests a gentle reminder that your nuptials are coming up, send out an email or letter outlining the details of the big day, such as directions to the venue, a schedule of events and accommodations for the out of town guests. To prevent your vendors from flaking on you, make sure you call them before the wedding to reconfirm all details and to also provide them with additional information such as itineraries and schedules, venue location and parking information.
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